About Us

When I first came to University of Grappling, I was a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. But once I saw what was being taught at UofG, I knew who I wanted to get my black belt from: Ricky Lundell. University of Grappling founder, Ricky Lundell, is a prodigy. He was the youngest person to receive a black belt in BJJ in the US. But what’s even more impressive is his performance in another martial art….the oldest Martial Art: wrestling. Ricky was recruited by 159-0 NCAA champ, Olympic Gold Medalist, and 5 time NCAA champion Coach Cael Sanderson…without ever having wrestled.

Once Ricky’s college career was done, he brought wrestling back to Submission Grappling, to BJJ. Ricky created a hybrid style that kept the best of wrestling and the best of BJJ. He’s gone on to coach multiple UFC fighters including Carlos Condit, Frank Mir, Travis Browne as well as turning a losing high school wrestling program into a championship team.But what Ricky started, I and my team are continuing. Why? Because it’s the best approach to submission grappling. In fact, what we teach is the foundation for all grappling. When I first came to UofG, I only did BJJ, I didn’t really wrestle.

Although I was a decent high school wrestler, I made the same mistake so many wrestlers make when coming to BJJ: I stopped wrestling. That was a mistake. Big mistake…because wrestling is the dominant Martial Art. Over the years, Mixed Martial Arts and its flagship promotion, the UFC, has proven out the dominant martial art: wrestling. Wrestlers rule over every other Martial Art…including Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

That’s why wrestling is our foundation…because it’s the foundation for all martial arts. What we teach reaches back 15,000 years to the beginnings of wrestling and includes what works from BJJ which started only a 100 years ago. From the basics to international level skills, University of Grappling teaches the basics of Freestyle, Folk, and Greco Roman wrestling as well as the fundamentals that underpin “jacketed” grappling including Judo, Sambo, and Jiu-Jitsu.

Join us and learn the best parts of grappling. Let us be your roots run the strongest and deepest of any martial art. You be our branch. Become a University of Grappling athlete today!

Our Skills

No Gi-Submission Grappling
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Kid’s Jiu Jitsu

Our Team

Marc Brewer
Head Coach
Tyson Barnhart
Head Assistant Coach
Jake Barnhart
Assistant Coach
Ryan Palmer