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Personal Growth & Mindset Utah

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Personal Growth & Mindset Utah

At University of Grappling, we are privileged to stand upon the heritage & system design by Ricky Lundell & Cael Sanderson. Two extremely impressive athletes, supremely sought after Coaches, & two incredible minds.

As I was coming up as a lower belt, I was constantly looking for shortcuts to the system. Looking to throw an extra submission in, to shortcut the system, because I was afraid of going the distance, I was afraid of gassing in front of my friends & family, & I was hurried looking for the finish. I rarely found myself in position to finish, & when I was submitting, it was from strange positions & mistakes made by my opponent.

As I’ve rounded out & become a black belt in this system, I had to learn to stay inside the system. To look to keep base, structure, motion, timing, & to look forward to the little fights. The hand fight, the head hands battle, the discipline to stay in stance, to move my feet, to steal the angle, etc.

In doing so, I often neglect or bypass the submission, the supposed crowning achievement of submission grappling, instead focusing on working on the actual motion & system. The finish is the last thing on my mind.

As a result, I’ve found I rarely make a 6 minute round without hitting a submission or submitting position. As I delved further & further into true fundamental movements, transitions, & positions, I’ve found that the opportunity to finish is plentiful. & I am finishing from positions of authority & control, not relying upon my opponent’s mistakes for my opportunity.

This has unlocked a level of grappling I had always sought, & truthfully, I’m not doing things that I wasn’t shown as a blue belt, rather, I’m doing those things, & not random submission chasing from the Interwebz. & doing so has made all the difference.

Ryan PalmerPersonal Growth & Mindset Utah

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