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Star power can make you delusional – Utah

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Star power can make you delusional

In life we try things that are difficult and sometimes they come easy to us, but every time we try something there is a lesson learned. The challenge could be waking up earlier to walk the dog or running Tesla they aren’t that different if you think about it:). Where things become fubar in life is if you become a celebrity/star and people adore you for this. Power is a perk when you are a celebrity and they use their star power to their advantage.  I say perks are part of life no harm no foul; however too much this will make you delusional and people will believe what they are hearing.

Applaud CM Punk for trying or roll eyes that is up to you. Here is what being a celebrity and how that star power can get you choked out by Mickey Gall in front of thousands of people: you start at 35, avoid being an amature fighter and join the biggest fight promotion company in the world: The UFC, get around Cleveland’s Athletic commissions five fight rule (which is to avoid you getting your head kicked in), train for only two years and be given an opponent with one professional fight, loose and still want another fight.

The lesson here is as cool as it is to be a celebrity and use your star power to circumvent the necessities it takes to become a fighter, life has a funny way of giving you a swift reality check. However in CM Punk’s case he still wants to fight in the UFC, sometimes you can’t choke the delusions out of people:)

Ryan PalmerStar power can make you delusional – Utah

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