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The importance of correct coaching – Utah

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The importance of correct coaching

One of the most important elements that I believe developed me as an athlete & later as a Coach was my Coach’s passion, dedication to his craft, & leadership.

Coach Lundell exemplified passion. Often on the mats before anyone else, knowledgeable of every one of my team mates names, & excitedly welcoming them to class.

As class started, Coach was always the first to lead a new skill build, a new progression, & enthused to be passing this knowledge on to his athletes.

Coach Lundell showed an extreme dedication to his craft. He sought out knowledge from World Class people, & studied intently. Coach was always pairing off to drill with the students, putting his repetitions in side by side with the team, rotating thru the different partners to ensure all in class were getting the feel of a world class black belt drilling the skill.

Coach Lundell was always the first to embrace a new position, a new drill, or a new skill, & attack it with relentless enthusiasm, unafraid of the certainty of failure that comes with obtaining a new skill. Coach was always insistent on leading from the front.

To this day, this culture is exhibited by myself, Coach Chavez, Coach Barnhart, & Coach O’Laskey. Daily.
Personally, I am on the mat at 530 AM 3x a week with experienced athletes that don’t have a schedule that makes them available at night often. I lead by the same ways Coach Lundell exemplified to me.
When coaches are involved in the athletes learning, engaged learning is an absolute certainty. Coaches are aligned & in harmony with the athletes progression, offering constant feedback & guidance.

These are a big part of the core of University of Grappling’s keys to its athlete’s long term successes.

Feel free to contact Mike & schedule a trial to experience the #UofGLindon way today.

Ryan PalmerThe importance of correct coaching – Utah

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