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Why we stand up at UofG Utah

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Why we stand up at UofG vs. attempting to recover guard across multiple sports.

A proper technical stand up, using base, structure, motion, & timing is a powerful tool that every grappler should have in their arsenal, regardless of their reason for grappling.

Below we will explore why we stand up in multiple disparate situations.

Stand ups for wresting

Very simply, the rules dictate that there is no guard play.  To expose shoulders to the mat is to surrender points, to put shoulders to mat is to concede victory.  Truly the rules dictate the behaviors.

Stand ups for MMA

In modern Mixed Martial Arts, every quality competitor has a working knowledge of guard.  The odds of slipping up a triangle or slapping on an arm lock while being controlled, punched, by a skilled fighter, with a time clock running, are very low.  Working to return to a position that is by definition losing a round is a pointless endeavor.

Stand ups for Self-Defense

First we need to define self-defense.  Self-defense is not 2 unarmed combatants who speak words to each other & mutually agree to fight.  This is a case of 2 idiots who need a real outlet.  Fighting in the streets for words, honor, or squaring up to throw isn’t self-defense.  It’s mutual combat.

Self-defense is when we are attacked, controlled, & in a very violent, chaotic situation.  A realistic self-defense is when an individual is forced to confront an intruder in their home.  Perhaps this person is unarmed as they don’t own a firearm, or don’t have access to it.  In this case, why on earth are we going to lay underneath a person, so patiently, waiting for a mistake, 2 minutes, 6 minutes, 10 minutes, and an hour?  Can you imagine the damage intruders can do in your home to your family in 2 minutes?

For true self-defense, we need to clear the control level, obtain a force multiplier, and disable the first person we are engaged with, & preferably obtain a firearm & clear the house room by room.  We’re not waiting.  We’re getting to this here & now.

Stand ups for Grappling

Very simply, where are all of the powerful submissions?

On top.  Why would we invest energy to return back underneath a person who is controlling us & has passed our guard?  A better option is to escape, reset, & battle for the top position again.  Inside of those transition battles are a myriad of opportunities for sweeps, submission, & the top position.  Energy & time in a match are finite, we shouldn’t be investing in a losing system.

MbrewerWhy we stand up at UofG Utah

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